"I Have to Say,

They are Very Good"

Rick Stein




"First Rate"


Ruth and Peter Olley Sausage Makers and Solicitors.


Peter a solicitor for 30 years informs his wife Ruth, also a solicitor that because he cannot find a good sausage he is going to make one himself, one that will exceed all others.

Ruth thinking him slightly mad goes along with the idea. Olleys whole hog sausage is born in their home kitchen. Peter uses the whole side of pork - all the prime cuts and none of the rubbish. (Butchers also think he's a little mad)

Friends and neighbours agree this sausage is something special and before very long the Whole Hog Sausage appears on the best restaurant menus in Yorkshire .

Within Yorkshire this sausage has celebrity status and it is Peter and Ruth's passion that it should be enjoyed by all.

North Yorkshire

  Michael Wignall, Michelin Chef





"The Best in the Business"  
Robert Ramsden , former Yorkshire Professional Chef of the Year  
Bruce Elsworth, Angel, Hetton  
Barrie Higginbotham, Old Deanery, Ripon
Linda Hearn, Slow Food North Yorkshire

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